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Injection moulding is the most common process for manufacturing low to high volume plastic parts – the piece-part cost is very low in relation to other manufacturing processes, making it a fast and economical production method.

Using modern microprocessor machines with a sustained programme of investment in machinery technology and people, AD Plastics can ensure projects and customers requirements are met on time and at the best price. AD Plastics has the capability to produce plastic mouldings from 2g to 1,500g in weight. Whether it is just a few 100 or 100,000+ we have a machine to suit your needs.

NEGRI BOSSI(N/B) 160/65 65 98 288X288 445X445 120-300
N/B 100 100 200 400X400 590X590 150-450
N/B 130 130 280 410X410 630X630 220-450
N/B 150 150 353 450X450 670X670 170-520
N/B 190 190 420 460X460 710X710 240-500
N/B 190 190 420 460X460 710X710 240-500
N/B 190 190 420 460X460 710X710 240-500
N/B 210 275 600 520X520 780X780 200-550
N/B 300 300 1200 630X630 935X935 300-650
N/B 360 360 800 620X620 970X970 300-600


In addition to producing plastic components to customer specification, AD Plastics can also offer customers a variety of services including Project Management and Tool Management, as well as an extensive range of post moulding services such as:

  • Sub-Assembly
  • Sonic Welding
  • Packing
  • Hot Foiling

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01753 684777 or email us at with any enquiries you may have regarding new or existing products.

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